REMOTE LIVE™ online Training

Attend class from anywhere!

It's like you're right here in class - watch our demo!

With new Remote Live™ training, students can attend these same live classes from anywhere using a high-speed internet connection. We've built a top-notch learning environment using Pro Audio, Video and SmartBoards in order to give remote students the most complete, efficient and effective transfer of knowledge and skills possible. In fact, it's the exact same experience that our in-class students have come to expect.


1. Do I need dual monitors? How about a webcam?
We highly recommend the use of two monitors. This way, you'll be able to follow along with the class on one monitor, and view whiteboard presentations and classroom video. On the other monitor, you'll be able to log in to your remote lab environment. It is certainly possible to train on a single monitor, however it is not quite as effective. Webcams are useful if you are in a class that uses team-based labs. Please ask your sales rep if you are not sure.

2. What will I need to attend a remote class?
We will email login information for both the remote classroom and for the remote lab environment. We will mail you courseware and a USB headset. If you have a camera, that would be helpful, but is not necessary.

3. What if I don’t like the remote class?
We honor our satisfaction guarantee for our remote classes just the same as if you were attending our class in person.

4. Can I audit the class?
Yes. Remote classes can be audited for a full year – just the same as if you attend the class in person.

5. Is RemoteLive part of the Schedule Guarantee?
Yes. Students that attend our classes remotely are offered the exact same Schedule Guarantee as if they attend the class in person.

6. What if I can’t hear the audio?
Make sure you have followed the directions in the Remote Test page. If you have already done so, turn off your computer. Then plug in your USB headset (make sure there are no other audio devices plugged in). Turn your computer back on, and test your headset with a known audio source like a YouTube video. If it works, click the Connect Pro classroom link and sign in to the classroom.

7. What do I do if I can’t connect to ConnectPro or GoToMyPC?
Verify that your internet connection is working. Double check your passwords, and make sure that you are using the right password for the Connect Pro classroom, and for the GoToMyPC remote lab. If you still cannot log in, please call Ralph Cunningham at 602-266-8585.

8. Can I use my own headset?
Yes, as long as it is a microphone headset.

9. Can I use my own speaker and microphone?
No. Loudspeakers may cause feedback that will disrupt the students in the live classroom.

10. Where should I attend the training?  Home? Office?
Any location that offers a secluded environment is best. You will be a part of the class just as if you were in the live classroom, and you will have the best experience if you are able to avoid being interrupted.

11. What if I have dial up or slow internet connection?
You will need to have access to high speed internet connection in order to take part in the remote classes. Minimum T1 speed is recommended, but not required.

12. What if I only have one monitor?
Dual monitors will allow you to have the best experience. You can use a television monitor as your second monitor, or you can use two computers, or a laptop and a desktop by logging in to the Connect Pro classroom with one machine, and to the GoToMyPC lab with the other machine.

13. What if I have a question during class?
Our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest in Theatre Sound and multiple cameras that track the instructor. You can actually speak up and interact with the instructor or the class, just as you would if you were attending the class in person.

14. What if my labs aren’t working or if I get stuck during a lab?
The instructor is able to connect remotely to your machine and guide you through any issues either along with the class, or privately one-on-one.

15. What if I need to reschedule or cancel my class?
You can reschedule or cancel your class just as if you were attending the class in person.

Test Your Computer

Below are test links to for students to pre-configure Adobe Connect and GoToMyPC.This will help ensure a successful remote classroom connection:

1. Test your online classroom connection:
Interface uses Adobe Connect for our online learning environment. Visit the link and follow the directions to install any add-in’s necessary to connect successfully.

Install Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in for Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems. The Acrobat Connect Add-in allows you to share your screen and upload files to meetings.

Test your computer to make sure that you are set up with all of the tools you will need to participate in the meeting.

2. Test your online lab connection:
Interface uses GoToMyPC for online lab exercises. This allows students to work remotely on a high powered PC located in the actual classroom.

Click the test link and log in as follows:
Password: remotetest1

3. Test your sound:
Visit a site like YouTube with known video and sound streaming, and confirm that your audio is working correctly.

4. Test your web cam:
Visit, to make sure your web cam is working correctly.

***On the day of class: You will have received a welcome email from Ralph Cunningham which will contain the URL for the classroom (Adobe Connect) portion of your training. Additionally, you will receive login instruction for the lab environment (GoToMyPC). Simply log in on the morning of class to AdobeConnect, and to GoToMyPC

Have a great class!


If you are having technical difficulties, please visit our FAQ’s page. Or for immediate assistance, contact Ralph Cunningham:

Ralph Cunningham
Manager, Client Services Group

Office 602-266-8535
Mobile 602-418-5129
Or email Ralph Cunningham