Dan Wahlin

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for ASP.NET and XML Web Services


Founder of Wahlin Consulting which specializes in .NET, HTML5, jQuery, Silverlight and SharePoint consulting. Dan is a Microsoft Regional Director and has been awarded Microsoft's MVP award for ASP.NET, Connected Systems and Silverlight. He is on the INETA Speaker's Bureau, speaks at conferences and user groups around the world and has written several books on .NET such as Professional Silverlight Development, Professional ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX, ASP.NET MVP Hacks and Tips and XML for ASP.NET Developers.  Dan blogs at http://weblogs.asp.net/dwahlin and writes regular columns for Dr. Dobbs and DevConnectionsPro Magazines.​​

Twitter @DanWahlin

@JamesTrott Especially when I can't find something - I end up looking everywhere in that case.

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@jskulavik Pretty much - and I like the pretty pictures. :-)

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RT @teemukeiski: A series of Azure Websites articles on current MSDN magazine issue: http://t.co/ABCp0tJkv0 #azure #info #msdn

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@cmwoodall I'm a sucker for the nice pretty pictures on Bing. :-) DuckDuckGo is nice too - like the privacy there.

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@elijahmanor LOL - hadn't seen that one. :-)

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