Director of SQL Technologies

Jeff Jones

 "It is my goal to create a positive learning environment, facilitate the learning experience, provide guidance in problem solving and introduce students to additional resources for continuing education."


MCT, MCDBA, MCSE, Advanced Teradata Certified Professional and State of Arizona Certified Community College Instructor
Career Highlights:
  • Over thirty (30) years as an IT Professional in the role of DBA, Product Manager, Database System Consultant, Software Development Manager, Database Systems Technical Support Manager and Technical Instructor
  • Instructor specialization includes SQL Server (Programming, Administration and Data Warehousing) including SQL Query Optimization, Index Tuning, System Tuning, Security Administration, SSIS Package Design, Star Schema Design and Multidimensional Cube Design. SQL Language/Query Design and Development
  • Managed the development of the first parallel relational database system on Unix
  • Provided product support during the implementation of one of the largest data warehouses
  • Vendor representative on the ANSI SQL committee during development of the ANSI SQL-92 standard and SQL Access Group that standardized database interoperability protocols


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