PowerShell // PS305

PowerShell Training for Administrators

The latest PowerShell v4 Training from Interface.  Master Windows Powershell and create your own administrative tools and processes, automating tasks the way your organization needs in this 5 day class.  This class also provides a preview of Powershell v5.

Course Description

No prior scripting experience is required! If you can run “Ipconfig,” then you can master PowerShell. Rather than relying on complex scripting languages and partial capabilities, you’ll finally enjoy a complete, consistent administrative experience that encompasses both the GUI and the command-line. Create administrative processes that match your needs, operate your way, and accomplish your tasks. Even if you’re a complete novice, you’ll learn how to use the shell as a command-line tool, rather than a scripting language - and then how to take PowerShell as far as it will go, including building your own GUI tools. Learn how to run commands, manage processes and create Active Directory users in this 5-day course.


This course is designed for anyone who needs to learn PowerShell, starting from the beginning and reaching expert level. This course is valuable for network administrators that want greater efficiency in their daily administrative work. Students do not need to have any prior programming experience.


Basic computer networking skills

Basic command line skills

Microsoft Windows administrative skills


This class uses latest approaches, examples, and samples in Windows PowerShell V4. This class also includes a preview of PowerShell V5 functionality. You’ll receive full access to all of sample scripts and shell transcripts upon completion of the class. This course will teach you how to create reusable, parameterized tools that your coworkers and colleagues can use. You’ll debug scripts, manage command errors and extend the shell. You’ll see how to teach yourself how to use shell extensions, instantly making Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, System Center, and much more all accessible through PowerShell.


PS305: PowerShell v4 Training for Administrators
1. Before you begin
2. Meet PowerShell
3. Using the help system
4. Running commands
5. Working with providers
6. The pipeline: connecting commands
7. Adding commands
8. Objects: data by another name
9. The pipeline, deeper
10. Formatting—and why it’s done on the right
11. Filtering and comparisons
12. A practical interlude
13. Remote control: one to one, and one to many
14. Using Windows Management Instrumentation
15. Multitasking with background jobs
16. Working with many objects, one at a time
17. Security alert!
18. Variables: a place to store your stuff
19. Input and output
20. Sessions: remote control with less work
21. You call this scripting?
22. Improving your parameterized script
23. Advanced remoting configuration
24. Using regular expressions to parse text files
25. Additional random tips, tricks, and techniques
26. Using someone else’s script
27. Never the end
28. PowerShell cheat sheet
29. Desired State Configuration