Web Development // JQRY300

Mastering jQuery

Learn how to use the jQuery scripting environment to boost productivity in Web Applications. You will learn how to use jQuery Plugins, create custom plugins, utilize client-side templates with Handlebars, mobile jQuery fundamentals and much more in this 3-day course taught by jQuery expert Dan Wahlin.

Course Description

PreIntegrating Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) techniques into applications is quite common in today's rapidly moving world of Web development. In this course, students will learn how to enhance their Web applications using the jQuery script library and significantly boost their productivity. Topics covered include using jQuery selectors, handling events, manipulating the DOM and calling different types of services to retrieve data. Additional information about enhancing pages with jQuery animations will also be covered.


This course is intended for anyone who needs a solid understanding of the jQuery scripting library and developers involved in building Web Applications.


Before attending this course, students should experience building applications that use HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have completed the following course or have equivalent experience.

HTML500: HTML5 and CSS3 Web Development

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  • How jQuery can enhance productivity
  • What the jQuery is and why it's so popular
  • Selecting DOM objects using jQuery selectors
  • The role of jQuery event handlers
  • How to chain jQuery functions
  • DOM manipulation techniques including adding and removing nodes
  • How to send and receive data from Web Services
  • jQuery animation techniques
  • jQuery UI Features
  • How to use jQuery Plugins
  • Creating custom plugins
  • Client-side Templates with Handlebars
  • Client-side Data binding techniques
  • jQuery Mobile Fundamentals


1. Getting Started with jQuery
2. The jQuery Event Model
3. Manipulating the DOM with jQuery
4. jQuery AJAX Features
5. jQuery Animations and Effects
6. jQuery Plugins
7. jQuery UI
8. Client-Side Templates
9. jQuery Mobile Fundamentals