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    One of the features that really sets AngularJS apart from other client-side frameworks is its built-in support for directives and data binding. In a nutshell, directives extend HTML and teach it new tricks that it can’t perform natively. Many directives are included out-of-the-box such as ng-repeat, ng-model, ng-class, and ng-app to name just a few (see the complete list here).  Data binding functionality can be combined with directives (and often is) to allow controls to be updated as object properties change and vice versa. By leveraging the data binding features in AngularJS you can significantly reduce the amount of code required to build a data-driven application.

    In the next video in the AngularJS video series I discuss how directives can be used along with data binding and filtering in AngularJS.

    Directives, Filters and Data Binding


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