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Change List or Library Title and Url at Same Time SharePoint 2010

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Added by March 11, 2013

Every once in a while you might want to change not just the title of a list or library of a collaboration (non publishing featured) but it's url path as well. This can be done via SharePoint Designer 2010 if the correct permissions are in place. One should always consider other options as changing the URL presents all kinds of problems such as bookmarks that no longer work etc… however in the case where you know you want to do it, the process is fairly simple.

I'll start this blog off with a Team Site named 'urler' and create a document Library called Jokes. After reading the contents of the library I decide that it should have been titled FunnyJokes and want to change the title as well as the url so it goes from: http://intranet.jason.local/blogs/urler/jokes to http://intranet.jason.local/blogs/funnyjokes

In order to accomplish this I'll open the site up in SharePoint Designer 2010 and Rename the Library from the All Files section. I then go ahead and uncheck the display on quick launch, save the site, and then re check the display on quick launch and save so that the new title is also reflected in the Quick Launch Navigation Bar.


Create the Jokes Library



On a brand new out of the box team site, in a brand new site collection I go Site Actions> New Document Library to create a new document library to house my jokes.



Name the Library



I fill out the form and name my library Jokes, then click Create.



Observe the Quick Launch



With my new Library created I take a look and sure enough it's in the quick Launch. Now it's time to upload some jokes so I click the Add document link.



Upload Multiple Files



I select Upload Multiple Files because I have more than one joke.



Browse for Files



Although I could drag and drop I prefer the Browse for files instead so I click that link.



Select Jokes and Upload



I browse to a folder called funny jokes and select all 10 jokes inside and then click Open (not shown) then I click OK.



Verify Upload click Done



When all the documents show Done in the status I click the Done button.



Change Library Name to match File Share



In taking a look at my work I notice that the File Share Folder was 'FunnyJokes' but my Library is just Jokes. I decide that this needs to be adjusted and I want the URL to update as well. I know the Jokes are all funny because I got them from Mark Jacob.



Open SharePoint Designer 2010



I go to Site Actions> Edit in SharePoint Designer so that I can access the All Files section of the Site and make my changes.



Click All Files



I click All Files in the Navigation section of SharePoint Designer 2010



Find the Jokes Library



Here I see the Jokes Library represented with a folder Icon.



Right Click on Jokes, Choose Rename



From here there are a few options but I'll go with the select Rename after right clicking on Jokes.



Rename to FunnyJokes



With the text Jokes highlighted I rename the folder (Library) to FunnyJokes



Preview in Browser



I click the save icon (not shown) and then Preview in Browser.



Observe the Updated URL



I notice that the url has been updated. I also notice that the Quick Launch still says Jokes.



Right Click FunnyJokes



We could of course do the rest in the Browser however I switch back to SharePoint Designer 2010 and right click FunnyJokes and this time I choose Properties.



Observe Settings



I notice that the settings section has a check box next to Display this list on the Quick Launch. I also notice that the Name has been updated here to FunnyJokes.



Change Quick Launch Settings



I uncheck the Display this list on the Quick Launch and then hit save.



Preview in Browser



I click the Preview in Browser icon in the ribbon.



Observe the Updated Quick Launch Menu



I notice that Jokes is no longer listed in the Quick Launch Navigation section.



Back to SharePoint Designer



I head back to SharePoint Designer, which is still open and connected to the site.



Check the Settings Box



I check the box next to Display this list on the Quick Launch



Save Changes



I click the save icon, and again hit the Preview in Browser icon in the Ribbon.



Notice Updated Quick Launch?



The Quick Launch bar now says 'FunnyJokes' and since I got the jokes from Mark Jacob I know this is the correct name for this library. I also check again just to make sure the url has kept it's updated change: http://intranet.jason.local/blogs/urler/funnyjokes which it has.



Spike Xavier
SharePoint Instructor – Interface Technical Training
Phoenix, AZ

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