Configuring a Windows 8 Dev Environment with Hyper-V and Visual Studio 11

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Configuring a Windows 8 Dev Environment with Hyper-V and Visual Studio 11

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Added by September 19, 2011

Here is how I set up my Dev environment for Windows 8 using Hyper-V. I am running Server 2008 R2 fully patched with the Hyper-V Role.

I went to Windows Developer Preview Downloads to download the ISO.

Make sure to use the Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)

Download the ISO

Download the WIN8 ISO

Now I’ll create a new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

create a new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

This starts the wizard, on the first screen I just click next.


On the next window I give my virtual machine a name. I’m calling this one w8-DevTools

virtual machine a name

I’m going to assign this VM 2046MB of memory.


I’m choosing a network i have set up in my virtual environment so of course others will be different here.


After selecting the virutal network i want to use, I click Next.

This takes me to Create a virtual hard disk which I leave as is. (The path is blurred out in this image.)

Create a virtual hard disk

Here’s where I browse to my dowloaded ISO after selecting the Install an operating system from a boot CD/DVD-Rom radio button.

I always take a look at the Completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard just to make sure everything looks right, then if it does I click Finish.

With the new w8-DevTools Virtual Machine highlighted in Hyper-V Manager I click on the Start button and then Connect.


The machine boots up and soon I am presented with the Install Windows wizard. I’ll keep the defaults here and click Next.

Install Windows wizard

I click Install now!


This will cause the Setup is Starting Screen to appear.

Setup is Starting.


Soon the liscence terms screen appears.

I accept! and click Next.

liscence terms screen

Notice the cool UI at the bottom.

I’ll choose Custom (advanced) because this is a brand new virtual machine.


I’ll choose the default here on the Install Windows screen, then click Next.

Install Windows screen

Installing Windows now…I wait until all the steps are completed. It’s a good time for a break!

Installing Windows

When it’s done I am taken to the Liscence terms page for the Dev stuff. How awesome is the first line!

Liscence terms page for the Dev stuff

I accept and click the Accept button.

Personalize the install. A screen will flash quickly indicating that you will be personalizing the settings and then I ended up here. I called this machine: win8-dev-vs and clicked next.

Personalize the install

I’m choosing Use express settings.

express settings

if you don’t want to use a windows live id you can click the link below. I’m using mine. Then I clicked Next.

Next is the enter password screen that I filled out and hit next.


This caused me to log on and then it prepared the PC.

The Preparing your PC screen lasts for a few moments then it sends you to

Preparing your PC screen

I got a blank green screen when it was all over. I have found in Windows 8, when in doubt type something. As soon as I typed something it lit up to this.

Windows 8

When I click on the screen a scroll bar appears at the bottom. I use that to scroll to the right until I see Visual Studio 11 Express!!!! and I click that.

Visual Studio 11 Express

When I click this it takes me to a traditional looking Windows 7 like interface. The Start menu is NOT the same though, and starts to install Visual Studio 11 Express.

Visual Studio 11 Express

When it’s done you’ll be asked to install a develper license.

Developer license for Windows Developer Preview.

install a develper license

User Account Control comes up and I click Yes.

User Account Control

Success the Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview Start Page! That’s it I’m ready to start coding!

Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview Start Page

It’s ready to go. In this blog entry I went step by step in setting up a virtual development machine using Hyper-V, Windows-8, and Visual Studio 11! Enjoy. Soon to come step by step of some applications!


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