Creating a New Web Application using Central Administration in SharePoint 2010

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Creating a New Web Application using Central Administration in SharePoint 2010

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Added by February 3, 2014

I’m going to create a new SPWebApplication called which answers to the url sharepoint.local on my dev box / lab environment. I will have the SPWeb Application answer to http://sharepoint.local in my lab environment. I have already performed the necessary loopback registry settings changed for my Lab environment. I learned how to do that via the excellent Technet articles on that topic.

First I Go Te Central Administration 



I am using Central Administration in this case but the SharePoint Management Shell is also an option (PowerShell). I will click on Manage Web Applications.

Now I create a new SPWebApplication 


To create a new SPWebApplication I will click the New Button in the Ribbon.

Next I fill out the Form according to the required settings 



In this case since this is in a Development / Lab environment, I will keep the default classic mode authentication settings. I change the name of the IIS web site to something I will recognize when looking in the IIS Administrative tools. I change the Port to 80 since I will be using Host Headers and I add the Host Header sharepoint.local. I will need to add an A record to my DNS settings (not shown) in order for this to resolve. I leave the path at the default which is fine for my Lab environment. I leave the Authentication provider, Allow Anonymous and Use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) at their defaults.

I Continue Filling Out the Form 



I will create a new Application pool and choose an existing managed account. I don’t always choose a new application pool, in fact, I normally don’t but in this case I wanted to have a separate one in case I do anything with this Web Application that I don’t want to affect the others running on this Lab machine. I change the Database Name (getting rid of the GUID) so that it is : WSS_Content_SharePointLocal I leave the defaults on the Database Authentication section.

Set the Service Application Connection 



I use the default Service Application Proxy group. I have created a few Custom Service Application groups on this Lab Machine, but even if I was on a different Lab Machine, I would use that machines default group. I choose No for the Customer Experience Improvement Program (since this is a Lab Environment) and then click OK.

I now Create a Site Collection 



I click the Create Site Collection Link and then click OK

Fill out the Create Site Collection Form 



I create a Site Collection choosing a Team Site as the top level site template. I use the explicit managed path / and add the appropriate Site Collection Administrator(s)

Validate that everything worked 



I click the link and if my DNS settings are correct I will be taken to the home page of the top level site of my new site collection.

I can now begin using my new team site 


Once I validated that, I can get to my new SPWeb site and will go to the browser settings and add it as part of the intranet. This normally prevents me from having a bunch of issues when adding new documents etc…

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