ITIL and COBIT Presentation at TI2011 by Mark Thomas

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ITIL and COBIT Presentation at TI2011 by Mark Thomas

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Added by August 2, 2011

ITIL COBIT presentation image by Mark Thomas Interface Technical Training

Below are links to download the ITIL / COBIT sessions presented by Mark Thomas at Interface Tech Immersion 2011.

Mark Thomas is the Director of Business Services at Interface Technical training.

Session 1: Agile

Presenter: Mark Thomas

Are you a victim of building the wrong solutions slowly? If so, you're not alone, and considering an Agile approach may be the right fit for your organization. The term Agile is used a lot today, and this is an opportunity to hear about what it is, as well as understand its applicability, success factors, and potential pitfalls. This presentation will also do an overview of the different 'flavors' of Agile and their characteristics.

Download Session 1

Session 2: ITIL and ISO20000 — Pick One or Use Both?

Presenter: Mark Thomas

With the explosive growth of ITIL as the de facto framework for IT Service Management, there is still little known about the ISO20000 standard. Whether you have begun the path down ITIL or not, you may also want to consider looking into ISO. Based on ITIL fundamentals, this powerful standard, when coupled with ITIL, can be a powerful solution for Service Management success.

Download Session 2

Session 3: IT Governance – Frameworks and Techniques to Get You Started or Over the Hump

Presenter: Mark Thomas

Too many frameworks, too little time. The IT governance space is full of frameworks, standards and bodies of knowledge. What are these frameworks and what do they mean to IT? This discussion explores some of the most common IT Frameworks, Bodies of Knowledge, and standards and explains how and when they are applicable in an IT organization and pros and cons of each.

Download Session 3

Session 4: The Intersection of Project Management and Business Analysis

Presenter: Mark Thomas

The role of the Business Analyst has experienced significant growth in the IT industry. Couple this role with Project Management and what do you get? A powerful combination of roles and responsibilities that can drastically improve delivery performance. The challenge that exists between these roles continues to surround how these roles work together. In this discussion, you will learn the intersections between the BA and PM roles, and a new outlook on quality solution delivery.

Download Session 4



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