Microsoft Development Track Presentation at TI2011 (Scott Cate & J. Michael Palermo IV)

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Microsoft Development Track Presentation at TI2011 (Scott Cate & J. Michael Palermo IV)

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Added by August 4, 2011

Microsft MVPs Michael Palermo and Scott Cate presenting at Tech Immersion 2011

Below are the links to download the Microsoft Development sessions presented by Scott Cate and Michael Palermo at the Interface Tech Immersion 2011.

Scott Cate is the Chief Technology Officer and MVP at & Regional Director at MicrosoftJ. Michael Palermo IV is a Development Evangelist & MVP with Microsoft.

Download the Presentation Code

Session 1: Abusing Visual Studio: Visual Studio 2010 Tips & Tricks

Presenter: Scott Cate

As a developer using Microsoft Tools, you probably live inside of Visual Studio day-in and day-out. This session will talk about tips and tricks to help you better understand keyboard shortcuts, and capabilities of Visual Studio to increase your productivity.

Session 2: Right Here, Right Now. HTML5

Presenter: J. Michael Palermo

If you are a serious web developer, you can’t afford to fall behind the HTML5 wave of technologies. Learn how to start using new features of HTML5 such as new semantic tags, audio, video, web storage, and canvas graphics. See how to write for the future, while maintaining compatibility with browsers that do not recognize features in HTML5.

Download Session 2

Session 3: Azure Made Simple. Really.

Presenter: Scott Cate

What is Azure? Platform as a service? Let’s not just talk about it, let’s do it. On stage we’ll build a service that uses Azure, and deploy the service live on stage. This hour will not only introduce you to the capabilities of Azure, but let you see it in action first hand.

Session 4: Write a Simple Task-List in Windows Phone 7

Presenter: J. Michael Palermo

Rags to Riches. This session will take the data from the previous Azure session and make a Windows Phone 7 client from it. We’ll create a simple Task List application live on stage, from scratch. The reason for this is to let you see the inner workings of a Windows Phone 7 application, and how easy it is to get started building and making money from applications.

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