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Microsoft SQL Server & BI Presentation at TI2011

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Added by August 4, 2011

Jeff Jones SQL Server session image at Tech Immersion 2011

Below are links to download the SQL Server / Business Intelligence sessions presented by Jeff Jones, Tony Harris and Kathrine Lord at Interface Tech Immersion 2011.

Jeff Jones is a SQL Server Guru and Director of SQL Technologies at  Interface Technical Training. Katherine Lord is an Application Platform Strategist at Microsoft. Tony Harris is Principal Technology Strategist at Microsoft.

Session 1: PowerPivot with Excel 2010

Presenter: Jeff Jones

Ever need to extract a few million rows from a database into Excel so you could do some data analysis? Now Excel 2010 with the PowerPivot add-in can do the job. This presentation will review this powerful new capability and how it can be used to implement self-service Business Intelligence for power users in your environment. We will review the data sources that are supported, the data modeling capability and new Data Analysis Expression language that is part of PowerPivot.

Download Session 1


Session 2: Using Report Parts to Support Self-Service Reporting with SSRS 2008 R2

Presenter: Tony Harris

No organization can have enough people to satisfy all their data reporting requirements. So it has become imperative to find a way to increase the number of non-IT people that can satisfy their own reporting needs. With the implementation of Reporting Services 2008 R2, Microsoft has provided a new cooperative reporting model called Report Parts. This presentation will review how Report Builder 3.0 can publish and use Report Parts to support a self-service reporting environment.

Download Session 2

Session 3: Deploying PowerPivot Applications Enterprise-wide using SharePoint

Presenter: Jeff Jones

Power users have a great new tool to build their own data analysis application with Excel and the PowerPivot add-in. As more users adopt these individual applications, users will look for IT to maintain these applications and provide a shared data environment. With SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services and Sharepoint 2010, individual PowerPivot spreadsheets can be uploaded and deployed enterprise-wide.

Download Session 3


Session 4: Performance Point Services 2010

Presenter: Kathrine Lord

PerformancePoint Services, a component of SharePoint, allow organizations to create scorecards, analytic reports, and dashboards in a familiar and easy to use interface that builds on the Microsoft Office technologies. Join us as Microsoft Business Intelligence subject matter expert, Kathrine Lord explores PerformancePoint and dives into and the Dashboard Designer demonstrating how to create reports, analytic charts, grids, scorecards and dashboards.

Download Session 4





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