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Multiple Monitors Rock on Windows 8

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Added by July 9, 2013

If you’re like the majority of PC owners, you have two or more monitors. Usability research shows that people who use multiple monitors are far more efficient, especially after an initial learning curve. And while I’m not actively advocating adopting Windows 8 immediately, it has a handful of rockin’ features for multiple monitor (multimon) users.

The interesting thing is that these features come alive only when Windows 8 sees two or more monitors. If you’ve only got one monitor you don’t see the Multiple displays section of the Taskbar Properties dialog box. You might not even know it is there. So read on to see all the fun features you can use with more than one monitor!

Show Taskbar On

The first feature enables you to show the Windows 8 taskbar across all your monitors and not just your primary monitor. A simple checkbox shown in Figure 1 lets you decide.


Figure 1. The Show taskbar on all displays checkbox.

Also notice that there are two more options for multimon-capable Windows 8 computers. Figure 2 shows the first set of options on the Show taskbar buttons on drop-down.


Figure 2. The Show taskbar buttons on drop-down menu.

There are three options:

All taskbars – show the buttons on all taskbars across all monitors

Main taskbar and taskbar where window is open – always shows the button on the main monitor’s taskbar, and in addition shows it on the monitor where the application is being displayed

Taskbar where window is open – only show the button on the monitor where the application is being displayed

Finally, Figure 3 shows a nice desktop neatening feature, the Buttons on other taskbars drop-down.


Figure 3. The Buttons on other taskbars drop-down menu.

These options allow you to combine buttons when the taskbar is full, never combine them at all, or only combine when the taskbar is full.

These are great features that support a variety of work styles and display preferences. It is a great step to have them integrated into Windows 8 instead of relying on video card manufacturers and add-on software packages.

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