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    1. Nose Hair :D

      Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, the issue you have has nothing to do with Hyper-V or VirtualBox or non of these things you mentioned above, you guys went so far…. the major issue here sir is the power saving of the keyboard it self, you simply need to follow these steps and you should be totally fine ….. i am running win 10 tho but it should work well on any OS whatsoever ….

      1: double click on control panel

      2: Click on Hardware and sound

      3: Click on Devices and Printers

      4: Right click on USB keyboard

      5: Choose Properties – then Hardware

      6: you will be able to see two devices in the list ( HID Keyboard Device & USB Input Device )

      7: Mark On USB INPUT DEVICE – Then Choose Properties below

      8: Click on Change setting – Then Power Management

      9: UnCheck ( Allow The Computer To Turn This Device To Save Power ) and click ok …

      Bingo :)))))

    2. Americo

      I have the same issue but I need that numlock key off when start the pc compaq 500B MT, because on the bios I dont have the option tu turn off the numlock key, that is why always the numlock key is on before logon, and that cause confusion for childrens when trying to log in, so HOW TO DISABLE OR TURN OFF THE NUMLOCK KEY BEFORE LOGON SCREEN when you do not have bios option ???

    3. JVimes

      I think VirtualBox is turning numlock off for me. I think setting the registry key in the host and guest VMs might fix it. But that’s just working around a bug in VirtualBox.

    4. Jeff

      This numlock thing is, by far, the most annoying part of using Hyper-V.

      While we certainly paid more money for the VMware environment I used at my last job, I never had numlock issues like I do with Hyper-V.

      I use the numpad for password entry and the seeminly random times Hyper-V changes my numlock state is infuriating.

      I want ALL NUMLOCK, ALL THE TIME. So much so that the registry entry has been changed via group policy for all users to default numlock on.

      Now I’ll have to see if I can make these Hyper-V changes so I don’t have to pull my hair out.

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