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  • Random Cisco “Trick” – Jeremy Cioara

    Okay, this may be old news to some of you, but someone showed it to me and it changed my life…or at least seemed like a pretty cool tip. On Cisco devices, you can filter the "show run" output by entering a forward slash (/) at the more prompt and typing in the section you want to move to.


    Router# show run
    Building configuration…

    Current configuration : 12919 bytes
    ! Last configuration change at 17:33:29 ARIZONA Tue Oct 24 2006 by jeremy
    ! NVRAM config last updated at 14:27:00 ARIZONA Fri Oct 20 2006 by jeremy
    version 12.4
    …blah blah other junk goes here
    –More– <—- enter the forward slash here followed by a word (such as interface) that you want to jump to.

    This is essentially like doing the "show run | begin" syntax, but you can do it on the fly. Okay, maybe not life changing, but sure is handy on those massive config files.

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