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    We take a break from our regular Cisco programming to bring you this Microsoft update.

    Some time ago, I re-installed Windows on a friend's laptop and had one of those time-stand-still moments when he said, "What about my email?" Yep – a nice 3 gig PST file…Gone. So, frantic searches on the Internet led me to this product:

    Free was good…after running it, I was able to restore some pictures and test files and SEE the PST file (but it was bigger than the "free 1GB allowed"), so I bought it…the price was definitely reasonable. GOLDEN – restored the files I needed, kept friend happy.

    Since then, I've gone on to purchase their server backup solution:, which also works really well for the price.

    So, I proclaim EaseUS: the most handy hidden company of the week :). If you ever delete your friend's PST file, start here!

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    1. Simoi

      hie jer,i need to know the requirements of the new ccnp voice v8.can one start from cvoice 642-437 without taking ccna voice 640-461?

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