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SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows

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Added by April 20, 2011

SharePoint Designer 2010 for workflows kicks a**.  Plain and simple.    Here are a couple of helpful links to documents at the Microsoft Office site which can help clarify available conditions and actions.

Along with other improvements, there are  a couple of new kinds of workflows, site workflows and re useable workflows.  We used to be limited to a list or library with our SharePoint Designer workflows (2007, unless we went into xml files and had some GUID parties), however now you can create a re – useable workflow and then we can use that workflow on any list or library in a site collection.   There is also a site workflow which is not specific to the list or library object but rather one that might relate to a site (meaning SPWeb).

If I was going to explain a re useable workflow to someone with SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 experience related to content types I would say that list workflows are like list columns (scope wise) and re useable workflows are like site columns (scope wise).

In any case I hope these links help clarify this stuff:

What's New in SharePoint Designer 2010 (Workflows):

SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Actions:

SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Conditions:


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  1. Avatar Paul K.

    SharePoint Designer 2010 is awesome! Thanks for the links!

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