PowerShell Presentation at TI2011 (Jason Helmick, Don Jones and James Brundage)

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PowerShell Presentation at TI2011 (Jason Helmick, Don Jones and James Brundage)

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Added by August 5, 2011

Jason Helmick PowerShell presentation image at Tech Imeersion 2011

Below are the links to download the PowerShell sessions presented by Jason Helmick, Don Jones and James Brundage at the Interface Tech Immersion 2011.

Jason Helmick is a PowerShell Guru & Director of Systems Technology at Interface Technical TrainingDon Jones is an expert, author & PowerShell MVP at Concentrated TechnologiesJames Brundage is a PowerShell Guru & founder at Start-Automating.

Session 1: Get-Intro -name “PowerShell”

Presenter: Jason Helmick

In this session, you will learn about PowerShell, Microsoft’s interactive command line shell and scripting solution. Remove the fear of getting started with PowerShell and ease your adoption into the new management platform!

Download Session 1

Session 2: Reaching the Enterprise from Your Chair Using PowerShell and WMI

Presenter: Don Jones

Discover the power of automation and simplified real-time control over your system using Microsoft’s WMI combined with PowerShell. From data collection and reporting to software deployments, PowerShell and WMI can provide the automation you need!

Download Session 2

Session 3: Customize Data Output with Calculated Properties

Presenter: Don Jones

See how the power of a one-liner and calculated properties can offer fast data customization for reports and monitoring.

Download Session 3

Session 4: Remoting in the Real World

Presenter: James Brundage

PowerShell V2 lets you easily connect to remote machines to collect information and change system settings. In this session, you’ll learn how to use remoting to manage Exchange and SharePoint and how to build remoting solutions that scale. Learn how to collect data from an unlimited number of machines or how to troubleshoot problems with just one.

Download Session 4

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