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Interface Tech Immersion 2011

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Added by June 28, 2011

PowerShell inventory Jeffery Snover delivers the keynote speech at Tech Immersion 2011

Our DEEP DIVE Tech Immersion 2011 was a great success! A highlight was the keynote by Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover, the father of PowerShell. Snover cleared up some of the confusion about the cloud, which we'll be hearing more about. It was helpful to get Snover's insight into how to use cloud computing with current systems, as this tool becomes essential for more and more businesses.

The 1-day training event drew many IT pros, and several sessions were filled to standing room only. Interface was pleased to bring in PowerShell guru and Microsoft MVP Don Jones, who led two presentations. The level of enthusiasm in the sessions was high from attendees and presenters alike. Thanks to all for your participation and for sharing your experiences with us.

The instructor lineup included Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in SharePoint Miguel Wood, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and MCM in Exchange Mike PfeifferSimon Allardice from, Microsoft Regional Director Scott Cate, Microsoft Developer Evangelist J. Michael Palermo IV, and ITIL/COBIT Master Mark Thomas. Also presenting were Interface's own AZPosh co-founder Jason Helmick, SQL Server guru Jeff Jones, Microsoft Certified Trainer Spike Xavier.

Feel free to browse the links below to learn from Tech Immersion 2011's in-depth technology sessions. Our presenters, who represent the best in the industry, have a passion for technology and very capably share their professional knowledge in 28 information-packed and lively sessions.

The presentations are organized under eight learning tracks, with session details, images and slides for download, along with the keynote from Jeffrey Snover.


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