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The Coolest Cisco Links of All by Jeremy Cioara

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Added by April 12, 2007

Okay, here’s my thought. I’ve got some links that I have found very handy in the Cisco world over the years…links that I typically forget about, but then someone shows me the same link months later and I get all excited about them again. Rather than continuing the cycle, I was hoping to enlist your help to create a post that has all sorts of great links. Eventually, we can compile a list and put them in some permanent place on the website. These links include cool resources, utilities (cheap or free), and “tips”. Please don’t include blogs in this list (not that they’re not valuable…just a different category). So, here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Top 100 Security Tools (
2. Switch Inspector (sweet, inexpensive switchport mapper –
3. MRTG (traffic statistics, free –, PRTG (traffic statistics, cheap –
4. Level 7 Password Decryption (
5. Cain and Able Security Audit util (
6. Kiwi Syslog (free, good syslog server –
7. Kiwi CatTools (configuration management / change tracking –
8. TFTP Server (overcomes 32MB limit –
9. IOS Configuration Editor, fairly cheap (
10. IP Chicken – external IP from anywhere…no pop-up ads (
11. Bandwidth Gauge (Speakeasy has always been my fav. –
12. Tera Term – my favorite Windows telnet/SSH client (
13. Boson’s Free Utils – bunch of handy/goof around utils (

That’s all I could think of off the top of my head. What else do ya’ll got?

AUTHOR: Subramanian T


For Cisco Change and configuration management you can also try using ManageEngine DeviceExpert. For more details visit

Subramanian T

AUTHOR: Jimmy Rogers

A couple more for you

Cisco MARS Blog –

Cisco NAC Blog –

Network Response –

Mikes MARS Blog –

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