Using SQL Server 2005 CLR Features to Create Aggregates

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Using SQL Server 2005 CLR Features to Create Aggregates

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Added by September 27, 2006

I played around with SQL Server 2005 a bit this past week to explore (more in-depth) some of the different CLR features that are available.  I'll be posting a few of the things I've experimented with over the next few days.  One thing that can be really useful is the ability to create custom aggregate functions using C# or VB.NET, store them in the database and then use them within queries or stored procedures.

Jeff Jones (a SQL Server guru teaching at Interface Technical Training) and I were talking about the new Pivot functionality and how it was fairly painful to create the list of values to pivot on using pure T-SQL.  It can definitely be done, but is a bit "hacky" IMHO.  For example, the following query (which Jeff shared with me) could be used to dynamically grab the values to use as pivot columns.  The query relies upon XPath capabilities of SQL Server to create a list similar to "[2004],[2005],[2006]" and then uses that list in a pivot statement.


SQL Server 2005's CLR capabilities can definitely help simplify code and make it easier to do string manipulations plus much more.  I'll post some examples of using CLR functionality to grab RSS feeds from within SQL Server soon.  Thanks to Jeff Jones for sharing the original pivot example with me.

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