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  • Video – Getting Started with iOS Development with Judy Lipinski

    Video – Getting Started with iOS with Judy Lipinski

    Getting Started with iOS

    In this Interface Video Blog, Mobile App Development instructor Judy Lipinski discuses what developers will need to know before becoming a developer in iOS.

    Developers will need to have a basic understanding of programming such as for Loop and variables but learning and understanding Objective C language is the most important tool developers will need for programming in iOS.

    One of the biggest challenges for developers venturing into the iOS platform is that they are already developers in another language and programming in Objective C has it’s differences. But understanding the fundamental differences in the Objective C structure and Xcode will help the developer to bring applications to the marketplace.

    Judy also discusses what costs and revenue sharing is involved to become an iOS Developer.

    Judy Lipinski teaches IOS300: Introduction to iPhone and iPad Application Development using iOS6 and Xcode 4.5 at Interface Technical Training in Phoenix, AZ.

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