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    ITIL and COBIT instructor Mark Thomas discussed the new features of the latest release of COBIT5 by ISACA.

    COBIT 5 has new rich capabilities that are useful for organizations of all sizes.
    Some of these include:

    1. A new Expanded Goals Cascade that address Stakeholders needs and builds an end-to-end business perspective.  This helps satisfy objectives from a top-down approach from Stakeholder to process and enablers.
    2. Five new principles for the Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT). These new principles drive the development of the governance framework of your organization.
    3. Seven Enablers that drive governance within an organization to help complete tasks. One of those enablers is processes.  There are 37 processes within 5 domains of the framework.  Unlike COBIT 4.1 (which had four process domains), the newest release adds a new Governance domain that helps distinguish between Governance and Management.
    4. The integration of ISO 15504 into the Process Capability Assessment. This new capability creates a more robust framework to better measures processes.
    5. An implementation guide that outlines the steps and perspectives in implementing a governance framework.
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    I hope this information is helpful. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts.

    Mark Thomas – Director of Business Services
    Interface Technical Training

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