Video: Windows 7 – How to use BitLocker-to-Go for portable drive encryption

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Video: Windows 7 – How to use BitLocker-to-Go for portable drive encryption

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Added by November 7, 2011

In this video, learn how to use BitLocker-to-Go, to enable portable drive encryption. Whether protecting portable intellectual property or preventing the removal of data from a Windows 7 system that is not protected, BitLocker-to-Go offers an easily enabled solution. Learn the basic methods to validate and enable a portable drive for BitLocker-to-Go, as well as localized settings to control your Bitlocker-to-Go preferences.

In order to enable BitLocker to-go or any of the BitLocker components you need to enable the Trusted Platform Module in BIOS and you need to be running Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate.

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