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  • You should be in the PowerShell Scripting Games! April 22, 2013

    The official Microsoft Scripting Games, along with the Scripting Guy and friends, is now hosted through PowerShell.Org. The games begin APRIL 22, 2013! This is your chance to join the community, try your hand at solving real-world problems and win prizes if you succeed in besting your peers.

    You NEED to participate, you WILL learn from the experience, you WILL excel, and you will improve your skills and career. If you don't play, then how do you know?

    I'm part of the scripting games and proud to be a judge for the games. I will be posting scripts to my blog that I like (and why) plus the scripts I don't like (and why) – don't worry, no names are published. I invite you to disagree, leave comments, yell at me, and I'm sure argue with my assessment. WE ALL LEARN from this – myself the most. JOIN THE GAMES!

    PowerShell Scripting Games!

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    PowerShell Scripting Games! Interface Technical Training

    Knowledge is PowerShell,


    Jason Helmick
    Systems Instructor
    Interface Technical Training

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