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PBICS16: Power BI for the Cloud – Service Reporting

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PBICS16: Power BI for the Cloud – Service Reporting


  • 1 Day
Partner DeliveryThis live class is delivered by a partner at another location. Students attend online from their home or office.
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Course Description

This course lays the foundation for individuals looking to learn how to use and build reports and dashboards within the Power BI Service (PowerBI.com). Students will learn how to navigate the Power BI Service interface and interact with reports.


Lesson 1 : Introducing the Power BI Service

  • What Is the Power BI Service?
  • Power BI Service Key Features
  • The Self-Service BI Model
  • Power BI Reports & Dashboards

Lesson 2 : Defining a Report

  • What is a Power BI Report?
  • Defining a Report
  • Data-Driven Storytelling

Lesson 3 : Gathering Report Data

  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Managing Datasets

Lesson 4 : Building Power BI Reports

  • Understanding the Design Interface
  • Creating Report Visualizations
  • Table Visualizations
  • Chart Visualizations
  • Slicers
  • Report & Page Filters
  • Report Final Touches

Lesson 5 : Building Power BI Dashboards

  • Building Dashboards
  • Organizing Dashboard Elements

Lesson 6 : Using Q & A

  • Understanding Q & A
  • Modifying Q & A Results

Lesson 7 : Sharing Reports & Dashboards

  • Sharing Content
  • Using Groups
  • Creating& Managing Content Packs


This course is designed for students who want to take advantage of the cloud service reporting features of Power BI.


Basic reporting knowledge, basic understanding of data.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Power BI Service
  • Defining a Report
  • Gathering Report Data
  • Building Power BI Reports
  • Building Power BI Dashboards
  • Using Q & A
  • Sharing Reports & Dashboards