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Psychology of Change – Project Management (PMP) for Executives

Psychology of Change – Project Management (PMP) Video Training for Executives

Project Management (PMP) for Executives is a 9 part video training series developed by Steve Fullmer, PMP, tailored for company stakeholders and key decision-makers within in their organizations.

The course focuses on project management techniques and key strategy methods from a top-level approach rather than the day-to-day management engagements that project and product development account teams are associated with.

Steven has a global reputation as a project manager, chief technology officer, and computer systems innovator. He has authored more than 100 articles and a dozen courses in the fields of project management, productivity, business analysis, and computer technology. He has more than thirty years of professional design and project management experience in finance and high technology firms. He is founder and president of Blue Sphere Solutions, a technology project consultancy as well as a staff instructor for Interface Technical Training.