The Wayback Machine – A look backward and then forward at scheduling

Instructor Steven Fullmer

The tools of project management help us to organize the chaos associated with change. In this Project Management IT training video, get a fresh way to look at scheduling. Steven Fullmer, PMP, learned the fundamentals of Critical Path Management while sitting on his uncle’s lap as a child. His maternal uncle, Joseph A. Boyd was instrumental to the evolution of Gantt methodology and the application of the Arrow Diagramming Method for CPM within the construction industry before the Precedence Method was introduced. Steve’s insights into scheduling have been expanded through decades of family conversations, time management and productivity application, and years of experience gained while mentoring thousands of students toward project management certification and careers.

In this video. you will gain an insight into: How we think and why we schedule (or should if we don’t) An inside track on the history of Gantt, the Arrow Diagramming Method, and the Precedence Diagram method, including concepts that might appear lost to time. How focusing on time adds clarity to scope and cost.

Here is a step-by-step process for recording your PDU. Please note; you will need to change the title of the webinar to: The Wayback Machine – A look backward and then forward at scheduling With the webinar date of Sept 9, 2015

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Steven Fullmer

Steven M. Fullmer, PMP, MBA, MCT/CTT+, CDP Steven has a global reputation as a project manager, chief technology officer, and computer systems innovator. He has authored more than 100 articles and a dozen courses in the fields of project management, productivity, business analysis, and computer technology. He has more than thirty years of professional design and project management experience in finance and high technology firms. He is founder and president of Blue Sphere Solutions, a technology project consultancy as well as a staff instructor for Interface Technical Training.


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