Principles of Decision Tree Design and Analysis in Project Management (PMP)

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Principles of Decision Tree Design and Analysis in Project Management (PMP)

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In this Project Management Professional (PMP) training video, learn how about Decision Trees and how to solve them with Risk Analysis.

Existentialism conveys themes like the importance of choice, contingencies, and extreme situations.  How do you choose when the decision is hard? (If the decision is easy, you just choose.) When the decision is hard, we seek reasons and if we can’t find them we create them.  Much like Alice in Wonderland, we become the author of our own strange existence.  The outcome becomes us.

We learn how to solve decision trees for project management exams.  Solving a complex situation that has been logically laid out before you is simple.  Do you know how to lay out your options when the situation is complex or the choices appear equally hard? Or do you merely eat the cake or drink the potion and hope for the best?  Would you like to learn? Join Steven Fullmer to learn how to maximize choice by creating and applying the principle of decision tree design and analysis.

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Steven Fullmer
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Steve teaches PMI-PBA: Business Analysis Certification,  PMP: Project Management Fundamentals and Professional Certification, Windows 10, and CompTIA classes in Phoenix, Arizona.


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