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    We’ve been providing IT training for over 20 years! Our passion about teaching goes beyond the classroom. Find out about all things relating to the IT industry in our how-to blog articles, which contain in-depth topics, video training and related links. These blogs are created exclusively by our expert instructors who have many years working within their industry and are passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge.

    Securing Your Small Office Systems

    A consulting client recently called me about securing data in their small business office.  They are extremely secure already, including data encryption, encrypted offsite backup, locked cabinets and locked data rooms, system account controls and audits, layered authorization, and job separation.  Yet they asked a great question – what else can I do to enhance … Continue reading Securing Your Small Office Systems

    PMBOK 6th Edition: Finding what you need to know

    First, you may pre-order the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 6th Edition directly from PMI during August, for shipment during early September. The PMBOK® Guide is being bundled with the PMO Agile Practice guide since the two reinforce each other (and other PMI subject guides). The official public launch date for the English … Continue reading PMBOK 6th Edition: Finding what you need to know

    Mastery: ILT Instructor Led Training – 7 Reasons Why?

    ILT – Instructor Led Training. Why? In a recent article I shared the concept of mastery, the ability to creatively contribute to a field of endeavor. With the preponderance of do-it-yourself books (who reads books anymore?) and videos (the answers for all questions may be found on YouTube), who needs instructor led content? You do. … Continue reading Mastery: ILT Instructor Led Training – 7 Reasons Why?

    Associative versus Sequential Thinking

    Is your thought process primarily associative or sequential?  Do you know the difference?  Want to discover more about yourselves and others so that you can take greatest advantage of team strengths? Cognitive styles identify how we interact with people and how we communicate.  They can also help us to understand how we learn, what motivates … Continue reading Associative versus Sequential Thinking