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"The course, instructor, training guide and the resources were all A+."
July 1, 2022 | MS-500 Student

An Interface TechPak allows our customers to buy bulk training units in advance, and secure preferred pricing for the future. When you register, classes are simply deducted from the TechPak at the preferred unit pricing. A TechPak can be used to register for any of our Interface Gold classes at a discounted rate. If you would like to purchase a TechPak for your team, call us at 602-266-8585.

Secure bulk pricing discounts
on Interface Gold classes

"It was a perfect combination of lectures and lab time. It is much nicer to get the daily lecture completed in the morning and have the afternoon and night to complete the labs."
July 1, 2022 | MS-500 Student

The Ultimate Discount On Bulk Training!

Reduce admin costs, all guarantees included! Software Assurance Dollars ACCEPTED! Interface has developed a program where you can prepay for training by purchasing a “Tech Pak” of Learning Units to redeem for classes as needed. A Tech Pak is a block of UNITS purchased upfront and then redeemed as needed for Gold training classes at Interface. This program gives you, the customer, the biggest discount by purchasing training in bulk and then receiving flexibility in registering students for classes as needed and as available throughout the 2 year period. By purchasing your training this way, it will guarantee a discount level off every Gold class Interface delivers. Each class has its own number of associated units. The rate at which units are redeemed varies by class to create a consistent discount across all class prices.


  • Discount is locked in for up to 2 years based on volume purchase giving you, the customer, the most training for the least amount of money.
  • Discount based on overall purchase. Companies and departments can consolidate budgets to maximize training funds for quality learning solutions. Flexibility to use for any Interface Gold class and register students as they have the time and need for training.
  • Flexibility to use for Interface Gold custom and private classes if needed.
  • Reduces administrative costs of paying multiple invoices and credit card charges.
  • Simplify Training Budget without losing at end of year.
  • Simplify registration process and approval process.
  • Reporting on a quarterly basis of LUs that have been used and remaining LUs.
  • Interface offers a Guaranteed to Run (GTR) schedule as far out as possible.
  • Free “Audit” Policy- Students can re-take classes up to 12 months for free, after taking a class as long as content has not changed.
  • Money Back Guarantee on every class that is delivered by Interface Technical Training.

How a TechPak is Managed

Each time one of your employees registers for class using a Tech Pak, Interface subtracts a fixed number of learning units depending on the class. Each class has its own number of associated learning units to factor for different production costs. Interface can produce Tech Pak balance and usage reports at any time. Just ask your Interface account rep for a report.