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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals w/ Labs

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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals w/ Labs
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Course Description

This is a two-day introductory course. It will provide foundational level knowledge on cloud concepts; core Azure services; security, privacy, compliance, and trust; and Azure pricing and support. Note: This course provides an Azure pass and time for students to participate in hands-on labs. If you do not need hands-on experience, consider the AZ-900T01: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (1 day) course. The content for both courses align to the AZ-900 exam objective domain.


Module 1 - Describe core Azure concepts

This module introduces you to the basics of cloud computing and Azure, and how to get started with Azure's subscriptions and accounts. You'll learn about the advantages of using cloud computing services, learn to differentiate between the categories and types of cloud computing, and examine the various concepts, resources, and terminology that are necessary to work with Azure architecture.


  • Introduction to Azure fundamentals
  • Discuss Azure fundamental concepts
  • Describe core Azure architectural components


Module 2 - Describe core Azure services

In this module, learn about core services available with Microsoft Azure.


  • Explore Azure database and analytics services
  • Explore Azure compute services
  • Explore Azure Storage services
  • Explore Azure networking services


Module 3 - Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure Core solutions encompass a wide array of tools and services from Microsoft Azure.

In this module, you'll be introduced to many of these tools and services and will be asked to help choose the best one for a given business scenario.


  • Choose the best AI service for your needs
  • Choose the best tools to help organizations build better solutions
  • Choose the best monitoring service for visibility, insight, and outage mitigation
  • Choose the best tools for managing and configuring your Azure environment
  • Choose the best Azure serverless technology for your business scenario
  • Choose the best Azure IoT service for your application


Module 4 - Describe general security and network security features

In this module you'll learn about general security and network security features, and learn about how you can use the various Azure services to help ensure that your cloud resources are safe, secure, and trusted.


  • Protect against security threats on Azure
  • Secure network connectivity on Azure


Module 5 - Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features

In this module you'll about identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features. You'll learn how Azure can help you secure access to cloud resources, what it means to build a cloud governance strategy, and how Azure adheres to common regulatory and compliance standards.


  • Secure access to your applications by using Azure identity services
  • Build a cloud governance strategy on Azure
  • Examine privacy, compliance, and data protection standards on Azure


Module 6 - Describe general security and network security features

Learn about the factors that influence cost, tools you can use to help estimate and manage your cloud spend, and how Azure's service-level agreements (SLAs) can impact your application design decisions.


  • Plan and manage your Azure costs
  • Choose the right Azure services by examining SLAs and service lifecycle

This course is suitable for IT personnel who are just beginning to work with Azure. This audience wants to learn about our offerings and get hands-on experience with the product. This course primarily uses the Azure portal to create services and does not require scripting skills. Students in this course will gain confidence to take other role-based courses and certifications, such as Azure Administrator. This course provides an Azure pass and optional lab environment. This course combines lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on labs. This course will also help prepare someone for the AZ-900 exam.


There are no prerequisites for taking this course. However, the more technical knowledge a student has the more they will understand about the cloud.

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"Instructor was very familiar with the subject and the speed and depth of information presented was excellent."
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"Great instructor,"
May 11, 2022 | AZ-900T00 Student
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"Instructor was great and knowable. Can't say enough about him. He needs a raise and a company car!!!! Seriously is very knowable at the subject matter and former Navy and us squids have to stick together."
March 22, 2022 | AZ-900T00 Student
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