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Huge discounts for Interface students through September 30, 2021!
* Limited to first 250 exams sold

That's right. If you've attended a class as far back as Jan 1, 2020 and if you attend all the way through September 30, 2021, you can buy Microsoft exams at Interface for a huge discount right here on this page. This is an exclusive promo for Interface students only! *Limited to first 250 exams sold.

Fundamentals Voucher

Fundamentals Exam Voucher

This voucher can be redeemed for one Microsoft Official Fundamentals Certification Exam.

Promo Price $49

MSRP $99

MCP Voucher

Microsoft MCP Exam Voucher

This voucher can be redeemed for one Microsoft Official MCP/Advanced Certification Exam.

Promo Price $99

MSRP $165

MCP Replay Voucher

MCP Exam Voucher + Replay

Includes Microsoft Official MCP/Advanced Certification Exam Voucher plus Replay (1 exam retake if necessary.)

Promo Price $159

MSRP $230

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* Our Price reflects a limited promotional offer, with only 250 total vouchers available for purchase at the promotional offer price. If your purchase request is received after all promotional offers have been sold, you will be notified and given an option to either purchase at the MSRP or to cancel your transaction.

Interface Student Exam Promo Terms and Conditions:

  1. Tech Paks cannot be used to purchase exam vouchers.
  2. Vouchers must be purchased prior to September 30, 2021.
  3. All vouchers have a 1 year expiration date from purchase.
  4. All purchases are final and are non-refundable.
  5. Promotional pricing is valid for Interface students only.