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CCET: Troubleshooting Cisco Contact Center Enterprise


  • 2 Days
  • Cisco CLC Voucher Eligible

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Course Description

This Troubleshooting Cisco Contact Center Enterprise course is focused on Day 2 support of a PCCE deployment by Tier 3 support personnel. The course identifies processes and tools used to identify and diagnose common deployment issues so that support personnel can then select optimal methods to resolve those issues.


Section 1

CCE Flows and Process Review

  • Describe CCE flows and processes required to support and troubleshoot the PCCE deployment.

Troubleshooting and Support Methodology

  • Review concepts for a Troubleshooting Methodology and how to apply these methods in a sample scenario.

PCCE Component Review

  • Review the components involved in PCCE Deployment and the function of each.

PCCE Call Flow Review

  • Review the Call Flow process to discuss the messages and protocols required to support a PCCE Deployment.

PCCE Processes

  • Describe the processes required by various CCE Services and how they support the application.

Discovery 01-1

  • Configure Access to Discovery Environment
  • Setup the Discovery environment.

Discovery 01-2

  • Explore CCE Components
  • Explore the Inventory of a PCCE Deployment, confirm the AW Sync Status of the deployment, and access the Diagnostic Framework Portico.


Section 2     

CCE Diagnostic tools

  • Introduce the many diagnostic tools available to the engineer responsible for troubleshooting a PCCE environment.

Diagnostic Framework Suite

  • Introduce the basics of the Diagnostic Framework Suite and its role in CCE troubleshooting.

Run Analysis Manager

  • Use the Analysis Manager tool to run a selection of CCE logs.

Run Unified System CLI

  • Use the System CLI to run a selection of CCE logs.

Run Diagnostic Framework Portico

  • Use the Diagnostic Framework Portico to run a selection of CCE logs.

Run Single Pane of Glass (SPOG)

  • Use the SPOG interface to run a selection of CCE logs.

ICM Command Line Tools

  • Examine ICM Command Line tools and their use in troubleshooting in a CCE environment.

Discovery 2-1

  • Explore Diagnostic Framework Suite
  • Explore diagnostic tools used to access data logs across the platform.

Discovery 2-2

  • Analyze PG Logs
  • Examine the tools that are used to analyze peripheral gateway / agent transactions.


Section 3   

Troubleshooting CCE

  • Apply troubleshooting tools and techniques to address issues with CCE Certificates, Cisco Finesse, and PCCE Deployment.

Troubleshoot Certificates

  • Examine concepts regarding security certificates and discuss the tools and utilities used to ensure their efficacy.

Troubleshoot Cisco Finesse

  • Define the protocols, tools, and procedures used to troubleshoot the Cisco Finesse client/server environment.

Troubleshoot a PCCE Deployment

  • Examine troubleshooting scenarios and solutions witnessed in building the PCCE lab-only deployment model used for this course.

Discovery 3-1

  • Navigate Certificate Store
  • Navigate the various certificate stores found in the PCCE environment, across multiple server types and Operating Systems.

Discovery 3-2

  • View Cisco Finesse Logs
  • Enable Cisco Finesse client/server logging and view the contents of the logged information.
  • Deployment Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Deployment Project Manager
  • Account Manager

The knowledge and skills that students are expected to have before attending this course are:

  • Strong knowledge of computer networking components – Windows A/D, SQL Server, and components (servers, routers, switch)
  • Strong understanding of IP networks
  • Advanced experience administering of Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
  • Experience deploying Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
  • Experience administering and troubleshooting Unified Communications Manager and Voice Gateways

Here are recommended Cisco learning offerings that may help students meet these prerequisites: See detailed names in Curriculum and Target Audiences

  • Cisco CCNA
  • Cisco CLFNDU
  • Cisco CLCOR
  • Cisco CCEF
  • Cisco CCEA
  • Cisco CCEAA
  • Cisco CCEI
What You Will Learn

To provide Tier 3 support personnel with the tools and processes required to expediently identify and resolve common issues during ongoing Day 2 operations of a successfully deployed PCCE 12.5 solution.