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CVPDS Part 2: CVP Development and Scripting Part 2


  • 5 Days
  • Cisco CLC Voucher Eligible

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Course Description

CVPD Scripting-Part2 provides in-depth coverage and hands-on practice of the more advanced programming topics of Call Studio such as web services and parsing their results, javascript, modularizing large applications. An introduction to Google Dialogflow is also included.


JavaScript: Introduction to javascript: 

  • String functions: substring, string length, string replace, etc.
  • Math functions: round, floor, ceiling, etc.
  • Date functions: date or time arithmetic, validate dates, create formatted date/time variables
  • Customize alphanumeric strings for playback using Say It Smart
  • Remove invalid characters from data that would otherwise cause errors upon returning it to ICM


REST Web Service calls and XML: Learn to work with RESTful web services

  • Use Post Man to test RESTful web service interface
  • Learn XPath syntax to parse XML response and test using Notepad++ and free online tools
  • Learn XPath expressions that select specific data from XML arrays
  • How to use the Studio REST Client Element and to parse XML responses in Studio
  • Set fetching properties for the voice browser


REST Web Service calls and JSON: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) responses from web services

  • Learn JSON syntax, how to parse JSON responses, and test using JSONPath.com free online tools
  • Learn JSON path expressions to select specific data from JSON arrays
  • Use the Studio Rest Client element and JavaScript in Studio to parse JSON results


SOAP Web Services: Understand how to invoke a SOAP and WSDL based web services

  • SOAPUI to test web service connection outside of Studio
  • Using the Studio Web Services Element
  • Learn to parse SOAP responses manually using XPath expressions


Database: Use the SQL Database element in Studio

  • Select data to implement a Prompt Recorder application
  • Execute stored procedures in a SQL-based database
  • Select multiple rows from SQL DB and parse the result using XPath expressions


Modularization and Multiple applications

  • SubFlows – Subroutines (or ‘functions) for reusability and readability
  • Subdialogs – Calling another Studio application as a subroutine
  • Application Transfers – Go to another Studio application without returning


Google DialogFlow Introduction

  • How to create the Google Dialogflow account and configure CVP
  • How to create a Google Dialogflow agent
  • Using the Call Studio Customer Virtual Assistant elements to interface with a Google Dialogflow agent


Nuance Speech Recognition (upon request): Working with Nuance Speech Recognition

  • Understanding grammars: builtin, inline, external
  • Using Studio Digits, Number, Currency, YesNoMenu elements, Confirm if necessary
  • Studio Form Element to build a menu, invoke builtin grammars, point to URI-based grammars
  • Work with multiple results (N-Best list) Global Commands (HotLinks)


Courtesy Callback: How to customize Cisco Courtesy Callback


CVPD Scripting Part 1 or Call Studio experience.