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SKYPE350: Skype for Business Core Administration and Operations


  • 2 Days
  • Replay™ Class Recordings Included

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Course Description

This training will give you a good understanding of how the core functionality in Skype for Business works. You will first learn how to use Skype for Business as a real Power User. After that, the training will focus on administration and operations of Skype for Business on-premises core functionality. We will also go through architecture and troubleshooting of the most common issues. The day to day administration and operations will feel like a breeze after this training.
The core functionality includes all components in Skype for Business Server except Enterprise Voice.
The trainer is also working as a consultant. In his work, he helps organizations around the world design, review and implement Skype for Business Server. He will share his knowledge and experiences from the field.


Day 1

  • Skype for Business: Overview
    o What is Skype for Business?
    o What’s new in Skype for Business from Lync
    o What is Skype for Business Online?
  •  Skype for Business Client Overview
    o The different clients
    o IM & Presence
    o Conferencing
    o Mobility
    o Skype Teams
    o Persistent Chat
  •  Skype for Business Server Overview & Architecture
    o Server Roles
    o Topology
    o Network
    o Certificates
    o DNS

Day 2

  • Skype for Business Administration
    o Enabling and Configuring Users & Endpoints
    o Creating and Configuring Policies
    o Configuring External Access
    o Configuring Federation
  • Skype for Business Operations
    o Monitoring
    o Patching & Maintenance
    - Troubleshooting Skype for Business
    o Troubleshooting Tools
    o Troubleshooting Clients
    o Troubleshooting Servers

This course is intended for Skype Administrators, Helpdesk/Service desk agents who want to raise their skills in Skype for Business.


Before attending this course, students should have:

  • Basic Understanding of TCP/IP
  • Basic Experience in working with Lync/Skype for Business as an end-user and servicedesk operator.
What You Will Learn

Being able to fully understand all the features of Skype for Business (except Enterprise Voice). To have a basic understanding of the Skype for Business Server Architecture. Being able to troubleshoot the most common issues with Skype for Business. Being able to administer and operate a full on-premises Skype for Business environment.
You will have a good understanding and practical experience of the following techniques:

  • Skype for Business Overview
  • Skype for Business Client Overview
  • Skype for Business Server Overview & Architecture
  • Skype for Business day to day administration
  • Skype for Business operations
  • Troubleshooting Skype for Business