Understanding Latency in Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

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Understanding Latency in Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

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Every one of us has experienced latency. Think about it, you’re on the internet streaming a video on YouTube and one second, the person of on the right of the screen then in the next consecutive second, the person have mysteriously moved to the left side of the screen. Without seeing them move at all. This happened because of latency. What happened is the signal actually fell behind in the path streaming to your computer.


  • Measurement of Round Trip Time (RTT)
  • Real-Time Applications


Steaming Media

  • Poor Quality
  • Lags in Streaming Media

What latency is measured by how long it took form a signal to get to point (A) from point (B) and then back to point (A). You can use a device called a Cable Certifier to measure this. Some applications that are really susceptible to latency are Voice of IP (VOIP). If you are using VOIP inside your organization you may be having a conversation with someone on the other end of the call and it sounds as if every other word is missing from the conversation.  For example, you may be driving in your car listening to the radio while you’re driving and all of sudden the sound on the radio starts skipping. You may be listening to your favorite song but you don’t hear everything within the song, this too is latency.

Other applications that are vulnerable to latency are anything that streams media such as YouTube, Netflix, digital TV streams etc… if your movie starts to lag or gets choppy on you this too is caused by latency.  Typically this is from poor quality or lags within the streaming delivery.

Your users will begin to complain especially if you’re delivering a lot of multimedia type of work such as media presentations or your marketing department is utilizing multimedia  and latency becomes an issue, your customers will become upset when the start to lose the data stream. Latency is a bad thing to experience and can commonly be caused by incorrect cable length or interference such as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) or Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI).

Therefore, it’s import for you to think about where your cable placements are their cable lengths if you are having an issue with latency.


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