Advanced T-SQL Class at Interface with MVP Itzik Ben-Gan, and you can attend online with Remote Live™

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Advanced T-SQL Class at Interface with MVP Itzik Ben-Gan, and you can attend online with Remote Live™

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Added by August 31, 2011

I’ve had a lot of requests for an Advanced T-SQL class over the years.
I’m proud to announce that Interface is now offering a 5-day Advanced T-SQL
Querying, Programming & Tuning class from world-renowned instructor and MVP
Itzik Ben-Gan on October 17, 2011.

You can also attend this class online with Remote Live™ if you or your colleagues can't make it in person.

This Advanced T-SQL class is going to take your SQL skills to the next level.  Not only will Itzik teach you the advanced capabilities of T-SQL, he will provide you the skills necessary to effectively use these features.

Itzik has written some of the best books on T-SQL available.  He has also traveled around the world teaching people how to get the most out of the language.  This is the first time this class has been publicly available in the Phoenix area.

When you are developing T-SQL queries, you have to address numerous challenges.

  • First you need to make sure you are solving the business problem.
  • You need a solid understanding of the various features of T-SQL and how to properly use these features to meet the requirements of the application.
  • You need to be able to assess how the T-SQL query is performing and be able to either restructure the query or add new structures to the database to improve performance when necessary.

Itzik’s class addresses these challenges in great depth with his unique insights into the mechanics of T-SQL.

Here is a link with more information: Advanced T-SQL Querying, Programing & Tuning SQL Server

I hope you take advantage of this very special class.

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