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  • Completely Clearing a Cisco Switch…The Easy Way!

    Clearing out a Cisco switch configuration is always a pain because VLANs are kept in a seperate file from the startup-config (NVRAM). There's two ways to clear a switch back to the factory defaults – the easy way and the REALLY easy way:

    The easy way –

    Switch# write erase
    Switch# delete flash:vlan.dat
    Switch# reload

    The REALLY easy way –

    Hold the "mode" button on the front of the switch for 10 seconds. The lights will blink then go solid – the switch completely wipes all configuration and then reboots. Obviously, this method only works on stackable switches as the chassis based switches do not have mode buttons.

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    See what people are saying...

    1. Alessio

      what about formatting from ROM 😉 ….

    2. Interface Technical Training

      Holding the mode button will not delete the vlan.dat file, but you can delete it manually by typing:
      cd flash:
      del vlan.dat

    3. Lars

      will the “mode” button delete vlan.dat as well?

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