How to Display Blanks as Zeros in a SSRS Report

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How to Display Blanks as Zeros in a SSRS Report

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Added by November 12, 2014

Some of the cells in this SSRS matrix report are blank:


To display zeros instead, we will use two functions:




In the design of the matrix, right-click on the textbox containing the values in question, then select Expression… to edit the expression underlying the textbox.


Type the following expression in the Expression dialog:


The expression says that if SUM(Fields!SubTotal.Value) is Null (the IsNothing() function that it is in returns a True if it is Null and a Fales if it isn’t), then a zero is returned by the expression; otherwise the SUM(Fields!SubTotal.Value) is used.

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Click OK and preview the report again. Notice that zeros are now present in what used to be the blank cells.



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  1. sivakumar

    i used above code its working …
    But its displaying only one zero ,i need 0.00 like this

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