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    If you are going to be configuring Enterprise Mode for IE11 (EMIE) you will need to download and use Enterprise Mode Site List Manager.  First off there are 2 versions of the tool, if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you must use version 1 (v.1) of the tool and if you are running Windows 10 you must use version (v.2) of the tool.  In this blog I will be downloading and using the version for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  The version for Windows 10 installs and works the same as v.1. For more on Enterprise Mode, see What is Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 and How to Enable It.

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    Download and install the appropriate tool.

    1. After downloading, install the tool by running the downloaded .MSI, click Next.


    1. Accept the License Agreement and click Next.


    1. Choose your Destination Folder and click Next.
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    1. On the Ready to install page, click Install, if UAC prompts for approval click Yes.


    1. Click Finish.


    Using the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager.

    1. Launch Enterprise Mode Site List Manager. Figure 1 is from v.1 and Figure 2 is from v.2.


    Figure 1


    Figure 2

    1. To add a website click Add. Figure 3 is from v.1 and Figure 4 is from v.2.


    Figure 3


    Figure 4

    Note: Here is where the difference is between v.1 and v.2, in v.2 the Open in drop down box has and option for the MSEdge along with IE 11.

    1. Type in the URL for the desired website.

    Note:  Do not include HTTP:// or HTTPS:// to the URL.


    1. In the Launch in area use the down carrot to choose your desired IE mode.


    1. After you have added all of your desired websites click File, then Save to XML. I saved my file to the desktop.
    2. This file will need to be accessible to your users when they launch IE at their desktops. I will GPO to deploy the file to my users.  Refer to the following link to get the steps on how to accomplish:  What is Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode.
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    Until next time, RIDE SAFE!!

    Rick Trader
    Windows Server Instructor – Interface Technical Training
    Phoenix, AZ

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    1. frank

      i what to have internet explorer 11 with windows 7

    2. Jardilla Sison

      Good morning,

      The other day seems my PC was hijacked and I have lots of files and malware was deleted. And this Enterprise Mode Site List Manager kept on popping up in my Desktop which I did not installed ever.
      I’m not a computer geek.

      Could this application is a Malware?

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