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    Below are links to projects in where you can download the Adventureworks Sample databases and sample codes for reporting services.  I have included a link to download a report to link SQL Agent job names created by Reporting Services to Report Names and some other useful queries against the Report Server databases.

    Also a link to the Demo files I use in our BI6236 class.  And finally a link to a website that has a T-SQL function for splitting a comma-delimited list into a multi-row table.

    Adventureworks Sample Databases –

    Reporting Services Sample Code –

    RS Server Mgmt Report Samples –

    Report Server Job Report, All Subscriptions Query, Cache Expiration Query –

    BI6236 Course Demo files –
    RSScripter and RSLinkGen tool –

    Code for a Split function you can use to convert multi-valued parameters into a table so you can use them in a stored procedure or function – http://tinyurl/fnsplit



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