Solving a Crash Table versus a Crash Plot

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Solving a Crash Table versus a Crash Plot

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Crashing, a project management tool used to control project schedules during the planning or executing process groups of the project life cycle, can be a difficult subject to grasp.

PMP Project Management Blogs

Project Management PMP – Creating a Schedule Using Automated (software) Tools

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PMI promotes the following general sequence of schedule development processes: decompose work packages to activities (in verb-noun format), list ALL activities, sequence the activities using predecessor-successor relationships

Kanban Tracking Sheets for Business Analysis

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One of my business analysis students asked for a recommendation for “tracking and quick reference for the team to understand what sprints we’ve deployed, what sprint where currently on and what are upcoming for all our environments”. The description matches a typical Kanban approach. So we did a quick search for readily available Kanban tracking … Continue reading Kanban Tracking Sheets for Business Analysis

PMP Exam Change Date Announced – PMBOK 6th Edition

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) has announced the cutover date for the new PMP exam that will be based upon PMBOK™ 6th edition. March 26, 2018.

PMBOK 6th Edition: Finding what you need to know

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The release of the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition will result in multiple exam updates, including the PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, PgMP, and PfMP – all slated for 1Q2018. You can monitor information updates via the PMO Update Center

On the Topic of Mastery

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What is Mastery? The ability to process information within a given field or skillset, to practicably apply that knowledge, and ultimately to generate a combination of skill and ability that contribute expansion to the field of knowledge for yourself and others.

Associative versus Sequential Thinking

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Is your thought process primarily associative or sequential? Discover more about yourselves so that you can take greatest advantage of team strengths?

Workshops / Webinars

Project Management (PMP) for Executives – Introduction

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Introduction Project Management (PMP) for Executives is a 9 part video training series developed by Steve Fullmer, PMP, MBA, MCT/CTT+, CDP.  Steven has a global reputation as a project manager, chief technology officer, and computer systems innovator. He has authored more than 100 articles and a dozen courses in the fields of project management, productivity, business … Continue reading Project Management (PMP) for Executives – Introduction

Project Management (PMP) Leadership Skills in the 21st Century … Do you Know Your History? – November 10, 2017

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The PMI Leadership triangle touts our need to develop our knowledge and application of leadership. Do you understand the leadership models of the 20th century? The 21st Century? Understanding your predecessors can assist to set your future course. On the matter of history, Mark Twain’s quote “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme” is … Continue reading Project Management (PMP) Leadership Skills in the 21st Century … Do you Know Your History? – November 10, 2017

Principles of Decision Tree Design and Analysis in Project Management (PMP)

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Learn how to use Decision Trees and How to solve them with Risk Analysis in this PMP Project Management video by Steve Fullmer.

Understand the Mind to Become a Better Project Manager – February 18, 2015

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Our minds all work alike, at least biologically. Yet we are a diverse species with different motivations, opinions, perspectives, and directions. Do you understand how and why the human mind works? What makes you a great project manager? In this recording of our PMP training webinar from February 18, 2015, Steve Fullmer covers some of … Continue reading Understand the Mind to Become a Better Project Manager – February 18, 2015

Windows 10 Security – What’s New and Improved? – December 3, 2015

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In this recording of our Windows 10 webinar from December 3, 2015 training,  security expert Mike Danseglio presents the enhanced security features of SmartScreen, Defender and BitLocker in Windows 10 and new features such as Biometric Identification, Microsoft Passport, Device Guard and more.

Windows 10 Managing, Deploying and Configuring – December 2, 2015

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In this recorded Windows 10 training webinar from December 2, 2015, Windows Server instructor Rick Trader presents the deployment and management of Windows 10 Enterprise and the new Provisioning capability in Windows 10. Learn how to manage Windows 10 deployments using System Center Configuration Manager, Mobile Device Management and Intune. Also included in his presentation … Continue reading Windows 10 Managing, Deploying and Configuring – December 2, 2015

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Configuring Windows Mobility Center and How to Turn it On and Off

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Here's a video demonstration to give you some background for the Mobility Center "How do I configure it? How do I turn it on? How do I turn it off?"

How to Configure Navigation in SharePoint Publishing Sites

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Configuring Navigation in a Publishing Site in a SharePoint Site that's in the Site Collection where the Publishing Feature has been activated, changes dramatically from that in a Collaboration Site.

Windows 10 Features and Navigation – December 1, 2015

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In this video, Windows Instructor Steve Fullmer presents the navigation and some of the new features associated with Windows 10 including Sysinternals Tools for Windows Client, Windows core concepts, exploring Process Explorer as well as some of the features that are not yet ready for prime time but will be released shortly in the future with Windows 10.