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  • Running Java Apps in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

    Microsoft Edge is the new, built from the ground up browser included in Windows 10. It’s quite impressive actually. It’s fast, it launches cleanly, and it has tons of security improvements. One of the biggest security improvements is a dual-edged sword that you should know about.

    Microsoft Edge only runs add-ins and extensions that are digitally signed by, and come from, Microsoft. No third-party extensions are allowed in Microsoft Edge.

    What is Java? Well, generically it’s an application platform. To Microsoft Edge, it’s a non-Microsoft extension. Therefore, Java will not run within Microsoft Edge. Even if you download Java and install it, apps will still not run inside Microsoft Edge.

    How do you get around that and make Java apps work? Simple. Use Internet Explorer 11, the second browser that Microsoft quietly built into Windows 10. IE11 is included in Windows 10 for this kind of scenario where unsupported or legacy features are still required. You can easily find it by clicking the Windows flag (the new Start button) and typing Internet Explorer. If you need to use it more often, simply pin it to the taskbar.

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    Mike Danseglio – CISSP, MCSE, and CEH

    Mike Danseglio teaches IT Security Training, Windows, System Center and Windows Server 2012 classes at Interface Technical Training. His classes are available in Phoenix, AZ and online with RemoteLive™.

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