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So You Want to be a Certified Cisco Instructor?

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Added by April 18, 2014

I have had some responses to a previous blog regarding becoming a Cisco Instructor. If this is where your interests lie, this blog will give you some direction in attaining that goal.

Here is an excellent reference for what it necessary in order to be a CCSI: CCSI certification few questions. Here is the key content from that source:

Q: How do I become a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI)?

A: To become a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI), you must first be sponsored or employed by an authorized Cisco Learning Partner. Once you become sponsored by a Learning Partner, they will guide you through the instructor certification process, which includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Select a Baseline technology (i.e. Routing & Switching)
2. Take the course(s) (i.e. ICND1 and ICND2)
3. Pass the exam(s) (i.e. CCNA 640-802) at the instructor “cut score” *
4. Your sponsoring learning partner enrolls you in a 2-day Instructor Certification Program (ICP) event (Presentation skills and Technical/Lab skills)
5. Upon successful completion of the 2-day ICP event you must acknowledge and accept the Certified Cisco Systems Instructor Agreement.
6. Following the ICP event the ICP Proctor sends all candidate results to the Cisco Instructor Certification and Development Team for validation.
7. Upon validation, Cisco will send a Welcome CCSI email to the candidate and their associated Learning Partner containing their official CCSI number.

* – My previous blog on this point shows that there is no longer an “instructor cut score.”

Just a passing grade is required. The rest of the information contained in that source is accurate.

The two day portion of the experience involves a demonstration of presentation skill in a classroom setting (at least mine was) that is also videotaped and observed by your proctor. You will select a portion of the ICND curriculum and present it as you would if you were instructing. Then the proctor will select a portion of the ICND curriculum and give you a short time (if I remember correctly, it is about ten minutes) to prepare, and then present it. The second day of this is an 8 hour lab where the candidate configures remote switches and routers according to specific steps presented in a lab guide. The proctor remains in the room observing and checking your progress occasionally.

Once you achieve a passing score in both of these steps, congratulations! you have what it takes to be CCSI!

Let me know if you endure this as I would love to hear about your experiences as well!
Until next time…

Mark Jacob
Cisco Instructor – Interface Technical Training
Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Avatar Aaron


    I know this post is old and not sure if you still check it. I was wondering if you have any tips on finding someone to sponsor for the CCSI certification?

  2. Avatar rehad haji


  3. Avatar Rob

    Me and my mates are thinking we’ve been victims of a scam regarding the qualifications of our new CCNA instructor.

    The last one had a heart condition and eventually stepped down his position as a instructor in our school.

    The course is not free and the replacement instructor knows jack shit. He just reads through the chapter and sits on his chair leaving us alone to solve the labs and exercises by ourselves.

    I think the technical school is behind it all because they had a deadline to find us a new instructor when the first one couldn’t be there anymore so to avoid a lawsuit, they set up this obscure quick replacement just to give us a bone to chew and forget the lawsuit.

    Bear in mind however that this new instructor can’t access NetAcad with his credentials simply because he doesn’t own one. He’s using another instructor’s and every class he tells us the reason for it is because the school still hasn’t set up one for him.

    We just want to know how we would go about finding whether he’s certified by Cisco to step up to that position or he’s a fraud and must be laid off so we can have a proper certified instructor and a chance at succeeding in the CCNA exam.

    Thanks in advance!

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  5. Avatar Miguel Callejas

    Hi, great brief about becoming a CCSI!

    I am being sponsored by a Learning Partner. I have passed my CCNA examn on January, 2011. And I have been recertified with CCDA and CCNP tests. My score was about 880 (not so good back then).

    But now my sponsor wants me to take the new CCNA again because this “cut score” thing.
    You said is no longer necessary to have the minimum cut score.
    Do you have any official information from Cisco about this?

    I have been looking a lot, but nothing.


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