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    1. Sam

      This was an issue with Windows Server 2016 but since it uses the same interface as Windows 10, I think it will work there as well. Right click on the Windows Start button. Go to Search. Type in “Start Settings”. Click on the Start Settings in the result. Toggle the “Use Full Start Screen” setting. Try the Start button again. It worked for me there. Return the setting back. It still worked.

    2. Brian

      I had the same problem where the start menu and search icon did nothing. I tried all the suggestions here and none worked for me so I suspect there are various reasons for the lack of functioning. I ran a ” Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” scan on my entire computer and it found 19 items. After it finished and my computer rebooted everything was working perfectly. Just another thing to try if you are still having a problem.
      Good luck !

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