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Word 2010 Not Saving Back To SharePoint 2010 By Default

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Added by April 5, 2012

Occasionally I have run into scenarios where I create a document by using the New Button in a SharePoint 2010 Document Library, and when I’m done and hit save it does not save back to the originating Document Library. After more time than I like to admit I found something that fixed it in my environment as well as 2 others that I have come across this in so I thought I'd blog about it to share what I did to fix the issue. This may or may not work for others as there are many factors that can be involved. Browser security settings, web application settings, IIS settings etc. This did however correct the issue for me. I do this in the Microsoft Word 2010 Trust Center so it is very important to check with your organization before making any changes in this area to make sure it is o.k.

I choose the File Tab in Microsoft Word 2010 and select Options.


Click the Options Link.

Choose Trust Center


This opens up the Word Options Dialog box, where I select Trust Center.

Click the Trust Center Settings Button.


This will open up the Trust Center.

Select Protected View.


The settings will vary of course but in the screen shot above all of the checkboxes are checked.

I unchecked the Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations.


Warning: I wouldn't do this without making sure it is allowed in my organization!! (since this is my development server it is fine). When I'm done I click OK

Click OK again to Close the Word Options Window.


This worked for me a few times. As mentioned earlier there are m any factors that can come into play so your mileage may vary. Of course it is important that you make sure that your organization allows any changes to Microsoft Word 2010 settings before making any changes.

Spike Xavier
SharePoint Instructor – Interface Technical Training
Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Avatar jill

    Sorry, I am not in this field, but a Word user and I believe my company uses Sharepoint. I have found recently that sometimes my changes in Word were not saved. It’s a 75 page document. I pasted text blocks into it, colored them blue font, then pasted again in black font and edited the new version. I save compulsively. When they were completed, I pasted the changes onto our web page. When I went back later to make sure changes to the web had saved, as I’ve been experiencing issues where they don’t save, I noticed that Word (in some catagories) had the original block of text pasted in- before i turned font blue and pasted it again and edited it. The Web had the new and edited version. This is mind boggling and annoying. I read somewhere to save separate copy each time, just update the time to make the file name different since it’s a new file and I do intend to try this. I wondered if what you are suggesting here would fix it though. I never knew I couldn’t trust Word.Thank you

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