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"Mark Jacob is amazing! He is so high energy and really loves his job. I learn really well with motivated and high energy instruction and I hope he teaches other classes since we are signed up for the yearly subscription and I want to recommend him to my colleagues!"


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Training courses at Interface offers the most advanced classroom hardware for students to learn hands-on. Students actually build a real enterprise of their own on an actual Xeon-powered, SSD-equipped servers. Even online RemoteLive students connect to a real dedicated server.  Interface offers a complete curriculum of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 training including installing, configuring, administrating and advanced MCSA certification classes.  We go beyond textbook training, students delve into hands-on exploration of Active Directory, Dynamic Access Control, Server Core, PowerShell v3, Bitlocker and much more. After a Windows Server 2012 class at Interface, you’re ready to your job on Monday. Learn Windows Server 2012 with Interface today! 

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"Rick Trader is a effective instructor. I give kudos to him for keeping the class engaged in an online setting. That is a challenge in itself. He was personable, friendly, courteous, professional, and most knowledgeable in the course material. I would definitely look for another class with him in future. His breadth of knowledge of the history of Windows Server and its components were enlightening. He gave a personal touch to the class with sharing his personal side of his life. And he also made sure we knew that the team of trainers he works with are top notch as well, with his endearing stories. It was a pleasure to be in his class."
September 2023 | AZ-800T00 Student

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