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"Rick was one of the best teachers I have had. He knew the material well and used real world examples of how he had implemented certain features in his environment."


Interface offers world-class Microsoft Training in Windows 7 Installation, Configuration, Administration and Deployment. Interface instructors teach a project approach to Windows 7 Deployment and a process to select Windows 7 Tools for practical solutions and proactive support. The classroom environment emulates an Enterprise Network Infrastructure, and each student has a full functioning Windows 7 Operating System – a Windows 7 Client attached to a server, another two clients in the environment talking to the same server, the ability to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the ability for the server to go out to the Internet.

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"Jason Yoder was extremely knowledgeable about the subject, approachable, and had the sort of natural charisma that greatly enhances a learning experience, especially in a virtual setting. He was engaging, thorough, and was able to effortlessly switch between providing lecture, answering questions, and providing answers to issues that students were running into, all while keeping the instruction fluid and on topic. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their PowerShell."
June 2024 | AZ-040T00 Student

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