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"Mike was very knowledgeable about every topic. This is advanced troubleshooting, and he responded to every advanced question with an advanced answer. Many of the topics covered are new to me, so I would like to retake the class after I have encountered more of what we discussed."


Interface offers world-class Microsoft Training in Windows 7 Installation, Configuration, Administration and Deployment. Interface instructors teach a project approach to Windows 7 Deployment and a process to select Windows 7 Tools for practical solutions and proactive support. The classroom environment emulates an Enterprise Network Infrastructure, and each student has a full functioning Windows 7 Operating System – a Windows 7 Client attached to a server, another two clients in the environment talking to the same server, the ability to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the ability for the server to go out to the Internet.

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"Mike Danseglio is a great instructor and definitely my favorite instructor so far. He\'s great at keeping us engaged and provides real work experience to relate to the student.He\'s very knowledgeable with his work and it\'s impressive to have a teacher who used to work for Microsoft. I felt like I knew Mike for a long time as he was teaching us."
November 2023 | WIN740 Student

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