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Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services Training Course

MOC: 10990


  • 5 Days
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Nov 8 - Nov 12
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This course replaces the following:
BI795 - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for Report Developers

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Course Description

This is a 5-day Microsoft Official Course – MOC 10990: Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services.

This course is an overview of how to implement a SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services solution for data analysis in an organization. The course discusses how to use the Reporting Services development tools to create and manage reports and implement self-service BI solutions. It also reviews Data Modeling, mobile reports and report mapping for filtering and sorting parameters and grouping.



Module 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modelling


  • Introduction to business intelligence
  • The Microsoft business intelligence platform
  • Introduction to reporting services

Lab : Exploring an enterprise BI solution


Module 2: Reporting Services Data


  • Data connections
  • Connection strings
  • Filters and parameters

Lab : Configuring a data connection


Module 3: Implementing reports


  • Creating a report
  • Showing data graphically

Lab : Creating a report


Module 4: Creating a Map Report


  • Implementing filters and parameters
  • Implementing sorting and grouping
  • Publishing a report

Lab : Creating a map report


Module 5: Creating Mobile Reports


  • Overview of SQL Server mobile reports
  • Preparing data for mobile reports
  • Mobile report publisher

Lab : Mobile reports



The primary audience for this course is database professionals who want to learn about creating reports. Primary responsibilities will include implementing reports and mobile reports. The secondary audiences for this course are power information workers.


In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should have technical knowledge equivalent to the following course:

SQL101: Introduction to Transact SQL


SQL250: Transact-SQL for Developers

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Describe key features of data modelling within business intelligence
• Describe various report services data sources and how these are configured
• Create reports with report designer and/or report designer
• Configure reports with report designer and/or report builder
• Create SQL Server mobile reports

Student Comments (26)
Comments about the Instructor
"Peter was fantastic very knowledgeable and very responsive to the class, stopping to help and always available for questions. He went above and beyond to provide a high quality experience."
May 28, 2021 | 10990 Student
Comments about the Instructor
"Peter is outstanding this is my third class with him and he is the best instructor I've ever had."
May 28, 2021 | 10990 Student
Comments about the Instructor
"Instructor is patient and thorough."
April 2, 2021 | 10990 Student
Comments about the Instructor
"Peter has great command of the skills needed for developing reports. He has provided the skill level to push me into good, professional level reporting skills. We did not have time to go over a lot of real world scenarios as we had a lot of ground to cover, but Peter did a good job of providing content to help out in those cases."
January 15, 2021 | 10990 Student
Comments about the Physical Environment
"awesome class..will take a future class"
February 14, 2020 | BI795 Student
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